June 2, 2020

Amazon Web Services Tools you can use to work remotely

Now more than ever, in times of the global pandemic, you can use these tools to work remotely.
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Welcome developers, today we will talk about 3 Amazon Web Services that can help you and your teamwork more efficiently in a remote way. The services are: Amazon Workdocs, Amazon Workspaces, and Amazon Worklink.

As we don’t know when the pandemic is going to be over and we don’t know how the world is going to be after it, we have to be ready and prepared to work in different ways. Today, almost the entire world is working remotely, and some say, a big percentage is going to remain this way after the quarantine too.

The most important part of working from a home office is the communication with the team. If there´s bad communication, the work performance is going to diminish too. A remote work aims to maintain the standards of the office, but remotely.

What is Amazon WorkDocs?

Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed storage and collaboration service. With WorkDocs you can create edit and share content while it's stored on the AWS. The service makes it easy to share and create content. Amazon WorkDocs lets you integrate to other systems, offering an API so that you can develop your applications. The data is stored safely and securely in the world´s largest cloud infrastructure, AWS.

Developers have to choose and propose the best tools that can be used at an office. It can be the job of the employer, but it will surely take the consideration of what a developer proposes. To use the service there are no upfront charges, the services are paid only for the active accounts and the storage you use.

What is Amazon Workspaces?

The next Service you can use is Amazon Workspaces. It is a fully managed service also. This one is a desktop solution and can be run in either Windows or Linux desktops. The system can be scaled to provide thousands of desktops. The solution eliminates the hardness of managing all the hardware and running the OS version with its patches. Your user gets a fast and reliable desktop that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Workspaces is a cloud desktop solution. With the passing of the years, this service has grown very rapidly as remote work has grown exponentially. You can access corporate applications and data from the service you use.

As a developer, this is a solution that can help you virtualize your work environment without the need for complex solutions. The system is already built and ready to be used. There´s no need to build and prepare extensive hardware. With the system running, you can include all your development tools into the environment to develop your applications in no time.

What is Amazon Worklink?

The third and last Amazon Web Service we will talk about in this article is Amazon Worklink. It is a fully managed solution. It allows users to access your websites and apps using their mobile phones. It works like a bridge between the service and the client. It takes away the complexity of running a Virtual Private Network (VPN) by providing users the ability to access private web content as if they were browsing a public website.

The website is rendered using a secure container in AWS. The page is later sent to the employee's phone as a vector graphic. The functionality is preserved fully. This gives the ultimate safety layer, as the information is not stored in the device or cached by the browser. The device of the user doesn´t connect directly to the network, but through the WorkLink service.  The service is paid for users that connect each month, you don´t pay for bandwidth usage.  

Remote work trends are coming

Many big companies such as Facebook and Twitter have announced that they plan to move their software team to fully remote, even after the pandemic ends. This brings a whole new way for developers and employers to look at the way they work. It is very important they use collaboration tools and communication tools. If it can be all in one place, that´s the platform that will triumph. Collaboration and communication, all in one.  

In conclusion, there are many tools developers can and should use to work remotely. But to narrow things down a little bit, today we talked about three Amazon Web Services that fulfill the task. The services are fully managed and ready to be used. Following Amazon´s policy, you only pay for what you use, and there are no hidden or upfront fees. Amazon Workdocs is a collaboration tool to create, edit, and share content. Amazon Workspaces is a cloud desktop solution, providing desktop solutions worldwide. Amazon Worklink is a safe service that works like a bridge between the network where your data is stored and the phone or web client the employee uses. The services mentioned are used by a lot of big companies, but do your research to fit the usability and viability before signing up to any service.

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