May 15, 2020

Partnered Cloud Services: Introducing Google Cloud VMware Engine

GCP migrates VMware environments to its cloud to reduce the operational burden.
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In the name of Virtualization, today a step forward has come to place. For those familiar with virtual machines, you know how efficient it is at the time of running an application or emulating a physical computer.

With the first virtual machine, the IBM System/370 in 1972, came a lot of speculation whether the physicality of the computers would one day migrate to a fully virtual ecosystem.

Well, now… 48 years later, the year 2020, we are already used to the term Servers, Virtual Servers, and one step ahead, The Cloud. Despite the cloud has been popularized and marketed not so many years ago, Cloud computing started in the year 1960.  

Virtual machines, should I use one? 

Virtualization helps reduce operating costs and time frames to run an application on a server. It is widely used to test applications on virtual frameworks before launching the official version and hosting it. For those not using virtual machines, it is widely recommended.  

The biggest name when it comes to virtual machines is without a doubt VMware. Company founded in 1998, with 56 Billion Dollars of Market Capital and an actual stock price of $133 per share. They currently offer multiple services, such as Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud Operations, Virtual Cloud Network, Intrinsic Security, among others.  

The idea of being able to emulate and run a computer inside a computer is fascinating. You can run and test applications using the "virtualized hardware" and see the feedback from the same machine while operating the test.  

12 years ago, Google launches its cloud platform. Google Cloud Platform. With the aim to offer cloud services worldwide and at a reasonable cost.  

From Local Servers to Cloud Services 

Google Cloud merges with VMware to offer a Hybrid Cloud service. The product allows you to run your VMware service but on Google Cloud. Basically VMware providing their development and Google their infrastructure. Like an architect and a building.

A couple of months ago Google acquired a company named CloudSimple, basically to advance their cloud services and offer a version that included VMware. Not so much time after, Google decides to go all-in on their point of view and partner with VMware personally.

The service provides a fully  VMware Cloud Foundation stack—VMware vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and HCX for cloud migration.

You may ask: why should I try the service, if VMware works fine independently of Google cloud? And also: Why does google partner with VMware if Google has the ability to offer what VMware offers?

Well, their combination is a super powerful product. Together, it´s more potent and powerful than separate. Google Cloud provides a scalable infrastructure with 100Gbps networking. It provides 99.99% availability to the most demanding clouding needs, and VPN configuration services to give enhanced security to their users. As if this was little, their support is 24/7 and exclusive to their users.

The most advanced Cloud Technology up to date

If you currently store your data in another service, I highly recommend migrating to Google Cloud VMware engine. It´s the most advanced Cloud technology up to date. For migration purposes, Google is partnering with third-party companies to make the process smoother.

The service has not yet been publicly released. Of course, as every good company procedure, it is in testing mode. The early access program gives the opportunity for selected companies to do the migration from their service to the Engine.

"As one of the world's largest market infrastructure providers, implementing innovative and resilient solutions for financial markets is key when it comes to maintaining efficient, stable and most important secure operations," says Dr. Christoph Böhm, Member of the Executive Board and Chief Information Officer, Deutsche Börse Group. "As a long-term VMware customer we are keen to extend our large landscape towards hyperscaling options, keeping existing control planes and lifecycle management stable. Google Cloud VMware Engine allows us now to quickly extend our VMware environment to Google Cloud, one of Deutsche Börse's public cloud partners, increasing our business agility and building even higher levels of resiliency. The steps we have gone through so far together are hugely encouraging, giving us innovative and flexible ways in running hybrid cloud scenarios." 

Google Cloud works in 23 cloud regions, 70 zones, 140 network edge locations, and available in 200 countries. Their solution is extensive as they have a lot of users (mainly companies). Their offer includes: Infrastructure modernization, Data management, Analytics, Application Modernization, Business Application Platform, AI and Machine Learning, Security, Productivity and Collaboration, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services, And Public Sector.

The Ability of Tech companies to focus on the business side of the project while having the tech covered is priceless. The development and maintenance of Software is time taking and often needs someone who specializes in it. As the Cloud service is not only a product but also offers 1 on 1 support, you can expect Google Cloud to be as an extension of your company´s team. Your developers can work with their developers, ensuring the best experience possible.  

It is not the only partnership by VMware, as they are the global leader of virtual services. VMware announced its partnership with Microsoft, with Amazon, and Alibaba. With Microsoft they are releasing an Azure VMware solution, similar to Google´s partnership, but to be run on Microsoft Azure. Amazon provides its Amazon Web Services infrastructure to be able to run VMware services, and Alibaba Cloud Vmware will be focused on China and Hong Kong.

To summarize, Google Cloud partnered with VMware, and they will launch a powerful product soon. The combination of both teams and technologies is a great offer as they are both the leaders in what they do. Virtualization and Cloud combined together have no limits and we can expect many companies migrating from their service to this one. It´s not the only partnership by VMware, but we can expect this one to be the leading one. Google will offer the new service as part of its Cloud, and VMware will offer its service as part of Google´s cloud which means that the service will be provided by Google, although using VMware´s technology.

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