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Imapctio is not only an impact analytics platform for researchers and scientists, but also a worldwide academic community. Here, we have top researchers in their fields around the world.

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Impactio recommends relevant job seekers automatically based on your job descriptions and requirement to help you find the right person to hire.

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Post your job on Impactio, you can find competitive academic candidates in various research fields.


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Simply post your job opportunities on the worldwide platform for academic talents and find the best fit for your position more quickly.

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You can search candidates you want by names, positions, locations, experience years, and degrees. Also, you can review applicants and candidates recommended by Impactio separately.

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Automatically recommend academic talents that match your job requirements. Review their profile and reach out to them on Impactio.

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Looking for good matches for academic and research positions? Top researchers and scientists are on Impactio! Additionally, Impactio recommends relevant candidates according to your demands.

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You can send emails and messages to reach out to candidates instantly on Impactio. With the recruiting platform, you can increase the efficiency of your recruiting process.

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Manage each candidate with hiring status and reviewed scheduled interviews on your calendar to accelerate your hiring workflow.

Why Impactio

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With the worldwide academic networking and professional profiling platform, you can review the most comprehensive academic profiles, get recommended candidates, and reach out to the relevant candidates in a single platform.