Experimental and Molecular Medicine
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Korean Society of Med. Biochemistry and Mol. Biology
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MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY, Biology & Biochemistry, Biochemistry
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Experimental & Molecular Medicine (EMM) is Korea's first biochemistry journal (founded in 1964) and is relaunched in 1996 as an Open Access, fully peer-reviewed international journal. It is a medical research journal devoted to publishing the latest developments in translational research and the recent discoveries in the biomedical field. Submission is encouraged of papers that involve genetic, molecular and cellular studies of human physiology and diseases. The journal seeks to highlight the improved clinical benefits for human health from experimental and translational research performed using specific molecular tools. Studies that encompass basic discoveries with clinical relevance as well as articles dealing with clear in vivo relevance and novelty will also be welcomed. Experimental & Molecular Medicine is an open access, online-only journal. Topics of particular interest within the journal's scope include, but are not limited to, those listed below: Cancer biology Immunology Neuroscience Cardiovascular biology Genetics and genomics Gene therapy Metabolic diseases Stem cells and regenerative medicine Physiology and diseases Molecular Medicine.