Contemporary Educational Psychology
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EDUCATION, Psychology, Psychiatry/Psychology, Psychiatry
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Contemporary Educational Psychology publishes articles that involve the application of psychological theory and science to the educational process. Of particular relevance are descriptions of empirical research and the presentation of theory designed to either explicate or enhance the educational process. The journal places great value on the quality of research methodology. This includes the participant sample being representative of the intended population (and not just a sample of convenience), measures having demonstrated psychometric quality including both reliability and validity (avoiding, for example, excessive reliance on self-report measures), literature reviews that support the methods employed, and analyses that are both appropriate and accurately described. The journal publishes quantitative, qualitative, and single-subject design studies that involve the application of psychological science to an important educational process, issue, or problem. The journal does not limit its scope to any age range. Articles dealing with the education of preschoolers, K-12 children, adults, and the elderly are all relevant if they apply psychological theory and science to the process of education. Likewise, articles that make a substantial contribution to the understanding of individual differences in the process of learning are also appropriate. The journal does not focus on a particular educational setting. Articles applying psychological theory and research methods in school settings, industry, or other formal or informal settings involving adults or children are relevant, assuming they are judged in the review process to advance the science of education.