Journal of Applied Finance
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The International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (IJTAF) brings together experts involved in the mathematical modelling of financial instruments and the application of these models to global financial markets. Financial instruments that have been designed to serve the needs of mature capital markets and established trading forums need to be adapted for application in emerging markets and evolving trading venues. The development of new financial products and trading methodologies has also led to new challenges for regulatory bodies. Issues addressed in IJTAF include: (a) development of sophisticated mathematical models based on the principles of modern finance theory, (b) calibration of these models to market data, (c) simulation of such models using efficient computational algorithms, (d) updating of these models in line with evolving market developments, and (e) adaptation of these models by the practitioners in the industry; emphasis will also be placed on (f) development and application of modern stochastic methods in finance. State-of-the-art financial modelling draws upon expertise from various disciplines besides finance; in particular, experts from mathematics, statistics, economics, and computer science have made significant contributions to this field. IJTAF brings together experts from these multi-disciplines and provides a platform for the synthesis of the various specializations that are actively involved in financial modelling. The disciplines covered by IJTAF include: mathematical finance; financial engineering; applications of modern probability theory and stochastic analysis in finance; models for interest rate, equity, foreign exchange, commodity, credit and inflation-linked products; portfolio theory and long-term investment; quantification of risk; ...