Global Public Health
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MEDICINE, Social Sciences, general, Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
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Global Public Health is an international journal that publishes research on public health including the social and cultural aspects of global health issues. Global Public Health addresses public health issues that come to the fore in the global environment, such as epidemics of newly emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, the globalization of trade and the increase in chronic illnesses. The journal is characterized by a global and multidisciplinary focus, its emphasis on significant global health issues and its concern to understand resource-poor and resource-rich countries including the public health challenges they face as part of a single, interacting and global system. Global Public Health covers the following sections: Social patterning of health including social exclusion, health disparities and inequalities Environmental health sciences including natural catastrophes, disasters, famine, pollution, ecotoxicology and environmental threats Population and health including sexual and reproductive health, mental health, indigenous health and the health of minorities Conflict and health including torture, war, terrorism, civil disturbance and the health of displaced populations International health policy and practice including social justice, human rights and health Global health and development including the health effects of major economic development trends and the impact of globalization on health outcomes. Manuscripts on the following topics are especially welcomed: The role of significant social factors, especially social inequalities as determinants of health Politics and policy, both as shaping health outcomes and as important components of health systems Ways in which any specific case study raises issues about global processes or systems.