May 25, 2020

What Does a Nuxt.js Developer Do?

Nuxt.js architecture is based on Vue.js. There are a couple of exceptions, including pages, middleware, plugin installations, and layout directories. All of these are detailed differences, but in how the software works, it is very similar.

Developed by The Chopin brothers. They have contributed to technology for a long time and with Nuxt they have proven they are here to stay.

Nuxt.js developers are Javascript developers using a specific framework. Nuxt is intended to create modern web applications. It shares the same libraries as Vue.js and the same development tools such as webpack, Babel, and PostCSS.

By using Nuxt, you choose to use a powerful modular architecture. There are more than 50 modules to investigate and use. You can add Google analytics and other Google functions to your application directly.

Nuxt is currently being used by developers do build static landing pages to enterprise web applications. As we see, it adapts to the necessity of the client. The framework supports server, serverless and static development. Developers can connect your REST, CMS, and CSS.

Why should I use Nuxt?

One may question, "why use a framework based on another framework?" it makes sense to ask this question, and the answer is direct and concise. Nuxt.js is an improved version of Vue.js Lots of developers still choose Vue.js because they have been using it for a long time. But Nuxt.js is the flexible version of Vue.js 

When optimizing the SEO, it optimizes the way web crawlers transmit information down to the search engine. The server passes the stored information to the client. Normally from Javascript to HTML. HTML is then converted into plain text files that can be understood by web crawlers, and finally the crawler extracts the links inside the HTML file. In all of this process, sometimes, the web crawler needs help to index the pages on the search engine correctly. That´s when SSR comes to help.  

The main difference and the reason why Nuxt.js has been built is to render server-side applications. Nuxt.js Developers are up to date with the best practice around. Rendering your application on the server rather than on the client-side only, allows the product to be discovered by the search engine effectively. SEO is a crucial component for startups, companies, and even independent developers who have to make their product found.

The framework is MIT licensed and open source. Free to use and with no restrictions. Personal investment has to be done as with any software deployment. The software is free to use and they receive donations from many businesses and independent developers which reliably choose them. Next counts with an extensive library and documentation, and their architecture is based on 50 modules. It is  used by thousands of independent developers and by companies such as Fox News, Gitlab, Nespresso, Bitpay, Roland Garros, among others.

Nuxt Features

The framework comes with many features. Writing Vue files, Automatic Code Splitting, Server-side Rendering, Powerful Routing System with Asynchronous Data. Static File Serving. Bundling a minifying your JS and CSS, Hot module replacement in development mode, Pre-processors such as Sass, Less, Stylus; HTTP push headers, and lastly, You can extend the software with a Modular architecture.

Nuxt.js developers work in the back-end team, and as part of it their main focus is to work on the server and the database management. API´s can be used to connect third-party services, and to extend code to the Front-end of the web product.

This is how a Job description in a website looking for a Nuxt.js developer looks like : 

We are looking for an expert JavaScript developer who is highly skilled with Nuxt.js. Your primary focus will be developing server-side applications and components. You’ll implement them with the Nuxt.js framework, following generally accepted practices and workflows. You will ensure that you produce robust, secure, modular, and maintainable code. You will coordinate with other team members, including front-end developers and UX/UI designers. Your commitment to team collaboration, perfect communication, and a quality product is crucial. 

Basic understanding of Front-end such as HTML and CSS is required for a Nuxt.js developer so they can transmit information to the team.  

Developers integrate multiple data sources and databases into one single system. They manage the Hosting and the scaling of the application. If there is a data migration necessity they provide it too.

It is widely recommended to know more than one back-end language. You can offer your Nuxt.js knowledge as part of your stack with Javascript, but don´t miss on knowing PHP, .NET, or any language you might think it's useful.

In conclusion, Nuxt.js developers are back-end developers. They work on the server and database, and they use this specific framework to be able to render the application on the server-side. This allows the owner of the application to be found correctly by the search engines. Nuxt.js developers have to know how to use the Vue.js framework, as Nuxt is based on Vue. Knowing one more than back-end language is recommended, but in case you choose Javascript, be sure to be able to render your applications on the server, as not everybody does it.

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