May 25, 2020

What Does a Vue.js Developer do?

Vue.js developers, developers who choose one of the most used Javascript frameworks

We can start the article by defining what Vue.js is, before jumping into what Vue.js developers do. Vue.js is a progressive Javascript framework. It works to build user interfaces and it is used mostly among Front-end developers. It is widely used because of its universality and efficiency at the time of resolving tasks of big complexity.

One can be an awesome Javascript developer but know nothing about Vue.js. They are independent, yet relatable. Vue.js depends on the Javascript library.  

Lots of companies are currently looking for javascript developers who are proficient in Vue.js. These developers focus on web applications and components. To use Vue.js one has to know HTML, CSS, And Javascript. Basically, be a Front-end developer.

How are Vue.js Applications?

The applications build on Vue.js are expected to be robust, secure, and modular. Developers work closely with other team members including back-end developers and designers. As a front-end developer, you will follow the design first procedure. Meaning that the application will be first designed, the prototyped, and finally developed and tested.

Vue.js developers build based on reusable components and libraries. It is very important for these developers to be up to date in both, Javascript and Vue.js as it is one of the most used frameworks together with Angular and React.

The developer must be security proficient, despite it is a back-end task, the front-end has to be ready for back-end purposes. The products developer have to follow security standards.

The framework and its components

Devs must know how to manage the Vue.js framework and all its included components. Such as reactivity and the virtual DOM. The Vue.js ecosystem consists of the Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js.

The Vue CLI allows the user to prototype in a single Vue file. This plugin allows the project to have a Graphical user interface (GUI). 

 The Vuex is currently defined by Vue.js as a state management pattern and also as a whole library for Vue.js. It stores in a central way all the components of the application. It offers advanced features such as time-travel debugging and snapshots import and exports.

Vue router as the name defines it is the official router for Vue.js. It works to make Single Page Applications. Its features are the following:

  • Nested route/view mapping
  • Modular, component-based router configuration
  • Route params, query, wildcards
  • View transition effects powered by Vue.js' transition system
  • Fine-grained navigation control
  • Links with automatic active CSS classes
  • HTML5 history mode or hash mode, with auto-fallback in IE9
  • Customizable Scroll Behavior

Nuxt.js is a whole other framework. A very used one and it is based on Vue.js. It is open source and it helps web development be simple yet powerful. It currently has over 27,000 Github stars.

When knowing HTML, the preferred is HTML5 and when knowing CSS, the preferred is CSS3. Functions and object-oriented programming is a requirement. As a good practice, all code has to be documented and commented on. It is not required to document every single line, but the better you can explain your code, the better the team will understand it, and the better the product will be. To put it in short, if you can´t explain your code, then you don´t know fully how you did it. If you know something, you are able to explain it.

If you are familiar with automated Javascript testing, it is something positive. Not required, but it surely sums to the developer. To use Vue.js correctly, it is recommended to know some development tools such as Babel, Webpack, and Git repositories.

API´S are not the main purpose of Vue.js but they are used and implemented too. Know how an API works, how it pulls, requests, and provides data. 

The framework counts with extensive documentation, library, and community. It is not a regular framework, but rather a progressive framework. It´s implemented based on adding markup to HTML. If the model is updated, the HTML is updated too. The software reacts to model updates. If the data model is updated the browsers HTML is also updated.

A monolithic web framework is faster to use but there is less control over the workings. More chances your use case doesn’t support the framework and the maintenance is higher. Sail.js is the most used monolithic web framework. It is recommended to use a framework that will not cause any trouble based on its limitations. Definitely use Vue.js instead of Sail.js.

In conclusion, a Vue.js developer works in the front-end team of web development and it requires to know HTML, CSS, and Javascript as the palm of their hand. If you are just starting up and learning, it´s recommended to first know the languages proficiently before using any framework. The framework is a progressive framework and has an extensive library, documentation as well, and a big community.

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