May 21, 2020

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Have you ever questioned what is the name for the person responsible to develop the websites you use every day? Welcome to the Web Developer position. This type of developer is specialized in the functioning of websites.

The development can be classified into three different parts. The client-side, the server-side, and the database development. The client-side consists of everything the end-user sees and uses. Some call it client-side and others prefer to call it by a more modern term, the Front-end. The server-side, as the name describes it, focuses on the code that has to run so that the website works. It´s like the engine of the car and the driver seat. Without the engine working, the driver can´t turn on the car and use it. Lastly, the database development is related to the process of acquiring, analyzing, designing the data and functions of the system, and then implementing the operations. These last two can be included in one name which is the back-end development.  

Front-end, Back-end, or both?

The front end is focused on the viewport of the screen, the visual functionality, and the style. The back-end is focused on setting up the robust and hard code that makes everything function. From data processing, server set up, to database connection.

The ideals for a web developer are many. But the most relevant and the ones that are most currently accepted are: Develop an attractive home page and be sure that the product is user-friendly.  

Web developers can make websites that can fit all devices using a responsive feature. This means the Web developer doesn't have to become a mobile developer to develop a website that works on both, Web and Mobile. To add to this point, most websites are mobile-first, meaning the priority is mobile, and they are built by Web developers.

Web developers have some programming skills as their main assets and employ them every time they build something new. They have a solid base and foundation on Hypertext Markup Language, also known as HTML. They must know the functions and expressions of Javascript (JS), and also Mysql for databases.

A Worldwide needed Job

Having many positions available as developers are needed worldwide, you can be a specialist in one part of the process to develop a website, or in every aspect of them. If you are specialized in the visual and styling of the page, you are a Front-End web developer. If you are specialized in the Server, Logic, and Databases You are a Back-end Web developer; But if you are proficient in both, you are a Full-stack Web Developer.

Web developers have a lot of freedom of choice. They may work for a company or independently. They can choose to get paid either per hour or per finished project. They can work full time or part-time. They can work as employees or Freelancers. They can choose to be consultants or work In the IT consulting field.  

Many studies have been conducted on Web development, and contrary to popular belief, the average Web developer is not a geeky fan of computers, but rather a creative and artistic person who solves computational problems. There are other positions involving more pure software development, such as a computer scientist or a software engineer.  

Time to Market

Web development´s entry-level to market is accessible with a little bit of study and comprehension of how a website works. With one year of learning, either in a Bootcamp, a coding school, or a university course, you can get a Web development job without a doubt.

As in every job, one learns about how things work on the practice more than in theory. The point being, when you start studying how websites work and how to build one on every aspect, the best practice you can do is to build while learning. There are some tutorials online and even full courses that adopt this methodology. There´s no better way than to learn by doing.  

There are many reasons why you should consider web development as a career. The work environment is great, you can learn by yourself (self-taught) or learn in many ways without the need of obtaining a degree to work in the field. It´s a creative and nonrepetitive job, as every website needs something different. There is a much higher demand than supply, the best situation for any job position, it means that the pays are high and always increasing. You can work remotely or in the office. And the most important thing is that once you know web development, it is much easier to migrate into another technology development, such as mobile development, app development, game development or specific technologies which are every day improved. The median annual wage in the U.S  is $69,430.

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In conclusion, Web developers are the ones who are responsible for website development. There are ones that specify in a part of the website and some that work in their totality. Some developers work on the visual side, and some on the part we don’t see. The languages used are HTML, CSS for styling, Javascript, and Mysql. Other technologies can be used too, but the ones I just named are the ones most frequently used and known. The position comes with many benefits, described well in the article and it´s a great place to start your technology career.

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