SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Impactio, Inc. (https://www.impactio.com/) recently announced the launch of the world's first academic impact analytics and networking platform to provide both researchers and scientists with free tools needed to enhance their careers. Impactio empowers users with professional networking, academic CV profiling and automatic research impact analytics based on traditional citation metrics, journal ranking and alternative web impact metrics. Registered members of the scientific community can get free visualized impact reports attached directly on their customized profiles. 

"Impactio is a connection platform for scientists and researchers," said CEO and co-founder, Lawrence Shay. "When I tried to seek research collaboration opportunities during my Ph.D. candidacy, I found it difficult to quickly and efficiently demonstrate my past achievements. With thousands of citations, multiple projects, and publications across various topics, this is a problem many researchers face. Existing social networking platforms just don't offer the objective quantitative metrics needed to serve the reputation management requirements of researchers or scientists, many of whom have lots of past accomplishments and professional activities. These limitations inspired our team to create Impactio." 

Impactio: Assessment of Member Research Impact with Multiple Metrics

Citation-based metrics, like citation counts, h-index and journal impact factors are becoming increasingly limited in the digital age. Impactio offers a visualized, all-in-one scholarly reputation system which incorporates traditional quantitative metrics as well as alternative metrics, such as web reputations and media reports. The platform easily guides research members in the analysis of their own research impact in a streamlined, visual way that reveals worldwide locations of cited research. This impact can be prominently displayed on researcher profiles, allowing users to see the depth of each researcher's contributions at a glance.

Impactio: Academic CV Profiles and Networking Features

Researchers now have a one-stop location for all of their research and professional achievements, helping to strengthen research reputations, extend overall impact, deepen collaboration networks and grow career prospects. Impactio's academic CV profiles and networking features enable researchers and scientists to be prepared for opportunities as they occur: research grants, academic positions, industry jobs, investor connections, in addition to compatibility and compliance with international visa and immigration requirements. Members can also upload pre-publication manuscripts directly to Impactio's free paper repository to share with other researchers, adding exposure and views that extends impact and potentially increases citations.

Impactio: Some Additional Features

  • Collect and keep research publications and citations up to date, with authentications.
  • Show third-party independent impact analysis and visualize analysis results.
  • Use Impact Factors, Eigen Factor, H5 index or SJR scores to quantify publications and citations.
  • Demonstrate global academic impact and view marked institution information in an interactive citation map.
  • Leverage all citing institution data to rate publication impacts and contributions.
  • Allow users to view academic active rates, by year, in a Citation Distribution bar chart.
  • Customize profile layouts; follow and contact other researchers in user's field. 

Explore Impactio's other features by visiting online. Impactio is signing on members now. 

About Impactio, Inc.

Founded in 2018, Impactio is the world's first social network and academic impact analytics platform designed for scientists and researchers. Impactio catalyzes global scientific and technological advancement by developing various innovative cloud-based software and services to make scientific communication more effective and to help scientists and researchers be more productive and successful. Impactio, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is made with love and passion for technology by the alumni from the EECS department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Learn more at: www.Impactio.com.