SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- For PhDs, scholarly reputation matters. Maintaining a great academic reputation can increase professional visibility and access to numerous career options. But how is scholarly reputation judged? The primary method to measure a researcher's reputation is based on research achievements and impact. In terms of researcher achievements and impact, academic publications and citations are key elements when assessing a researcher's impact. 

However, building up a scholarly reputation is not a simple task. Reputation measurements that can showcase impact are dispersed. Plus, managing all the information and navigating the data can be confusing. One company is creating a solution.

Impactio is an easy-to-use tool to build a scholarly reputation in minutes on one integrated platform. Impactio provides free academic CV profiling and citation tools for managing scholarly reputation in just a few clicks. Impactio provides instant access to more research and job opportunities. 

With Impactio's academic reputation management tools, PhDs can make the best of their previous work and efforts in research fields by improving scholarly reputation and professional profile. When applying for a job or lab work or even seeking out potential research collaborations, the impact analytics reports on Impactio can provide strong evidence that demonstrates users' competence. Academic impact analytics adds depth to a researcher's profile by revealing a researcher's contributions and achievements. In addition to analytics data, PhDs can polish their profile by adding research-associated achievements; for example, work experience, projects, patents, presentations, and awards. 

Manage global scholarly reputation with Impactio 

Impactio offers the most comprehensive impact analytics data for scientists today. Creating a professional profile with impact analytics reports on Impactio is simple: sign up and import a Google Scholar Profile Link. Impactio will automatically collect and analyze the publication and citation data. The report is generated, illustrating research impact in versatile visual expressions, including bar chart graph, radar chart, and Global Citation Distribution Map (GCDM). It's worth mentioning that GCDM is a powerful graphical representation that demonstrates worldwide academic influence with a mapping feature. Users can view all of the citing institutions and citations from around the world. 

With the help of inclusive analytics reports that build and showcase one's scholarly reputation, the process is now quicker and easier.

Increase visibility with impressive impact analytics reports 

Providing a searchable website with research achievements and impact analytics report can also enhance one's scholarly reputation. By joining Impactio, America's leading platform in academic impact analytics and scientific networking, PhDs can increase visibility in worldwide networks. 

Improved professional academic profiles 

Impactio creates customized impact analytics reports for researchers and scientists. However, providing impact analytics reports is not sufficient to maintain a great scholarly reputation. Adding more research-associated achievements and information to one's academic CV will enhance their future opportunities. 

Improve research abilities and review the worldwide impact 

After building an academic reputation, users can improve their research and monitor their impact over time. Impactio keeps all publications and citation data updated, providing users with the most current analytics reports. PhDs can easily use Impactio as a powerful scholarly reputation management and monitoring tool.