May 20, 2020

Approaches To Promoting Your Research As Impactful

Today’s resources have opened the avenues of publication to make them accessible to almost anyone. But when you’re publishing your research as a credible scholar, it can be hard to get it to be seen as impactful in a bogged down arena full of competition, even when those other sources are not always legitimate. To ensure your texts are seen as impactful, there are certain approaches you can take.
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In a specialized field, many times publishing your research is a requirement that must be done as part of continuing education and is considered a scholar or expert on your specialty. In the past, the best of the best researchers were published in the highest respected journals throughout the world. This was an easy way to ensure maximum readership and impact of your work. Today, it’s not such a simple feat.

Publishing your scientific research is a new path for many scholars. Navigating the field of self-promotion and blogging, as well as targeting highly respected journals, is necessary to get the widest audience reach. While it’s easier than ever to publish work, it’s also a highly competitive global market, where interdisciplinary researchers compete to generate the most accurate, relevant work that will garner the highest impact ratings. 

To ensure your work is up in the top of those categories, you have to learn how to promote your research as impactful.

The Need for Scholarly Output in a Technologically-Inclined World

As a professional, it’s common to view self-promotion as tawdry or a waste of time. But to ride the waves of change and stay relevant, researchers must adjust to the societal expectations and norms of the time.

This doesn’t mean that you have to adjust your scholastic work. On the contrary, there is a critical need for accurate scholarly output today, more than ever. With such easy access to technology to publish misinformation, your accurate data and the consistency of your work is essential to ensuring corrected information is available and within easy access to a wide audience.

Getting Maximum Impact for Your Research

You did the hard work; you deserve the recognition for it. You also want to get the results of your hard work disseminated out to those who would benefit from it.

For these aspects to occur, certain promotional steps need to be taken, such as:

●      Beginning with the end goal in mind. If you approach your research knowing that you’ll need to promote it yourself, you’ll cite clearly, improve your note-taking skills, and do the harder work upfront. 

●      Having a draft in process as you go. By developing your final product ahead of time, you can work out the bugs along the way and do the editing early to allow for a faster release of your output.

●      Making use of the resources at hand. Use sites, like Impactio, that give you the resources to compile your data faster, store your work, and access a community of highly cited resources.

●      Utilizing your peers. As you approach a new step in your research or cross one off your list, reach out to your network of peers. Verify with them that you’ve demonstrated your point thoroughly and clearly. Ambiguous or over-the-head documentation will have to be cleared up later anyway; doing so earlier in the game can help you promote your research impactfully sooner.

●      Building your content. Not everyone learns the same way. Use multiple methods to get your point across, such as graphs, images, and different texts. The more you vary your output, the wider your impact.

●      Using social media. This subject is controversial between scholars, but the data shows that research promoted strategically through social media is more impactful than information that is not. Create your own social media presence and use it to boost your research’s impact.

Self-promotion of research is becoming the expectation and norm today. Scholars who can’t adjust may find themselves reaching a thin audience.

Impactio Can Help You Promote Your Research

Many of the self-promotion steps that become obstacles to scholars are easily overcome when you use the right program. Impactio is an all-in-one platform that allows you to develop professional presentations to use to promote your research as impactful.

Through Impactio’s software, you can present your work in multiple ways, such as text, graph, and web pages. Take your work into the wide community of researchers who already use Impactio, share it with your social media followers, or print it into a professional PDF document to present to your in-person audience.

Whatever you need for promoting your research to its maximum capability, Impactio is there to help.

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