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Impactio provides a platform for researchers to market your lab and create a channel to let others know more about your work. Create a lab portfolio, search labs of interest and make connections.

Expand exposure

Let your lab information and research work be seen and searchable.

Share thoughts

Post thoughts and research ideas with your lab network.

Show your work

Demonstrate your lab work to let people know more about your research.

Get connected

Stay connected with the worldwide research community to grow your networks.

Impactio creates the first networking platform for global laboratories. Simply manage your lab information on Impactio without building a website from scratch.

For choosing and joining a lab

How to find a lab to do a PhD or Postdoc

Looking for a lab to join?

There are many research opportunities, but researching laboratories can be overwhelming. Impactio provides a single platform for potential research scientists to figure out a lab or a research group you want to get involved in.

Explore labs that you are interested in

Having research fields that you are passionate about, but do not know where you can discover more trending research work and news? Join the laboratories community on Impactio to know more.

Discover laboratories

Want to discover more laboratories? No problem, Impactio can help. Search a laboratory by a research field, keyword, lab name, PI, institute, and even a team member.

Search a lab

The first-ever portfolio website for laboratories

Impactio offers a platform for researchers to promote their labs or look for lab opportunities. Moreover, researchers can get connected with the lab community.

Join Imapactio laboratories worldwide community
Introduce your lab research and projects
Demonstrate your lab work
Attract talents to your lab
Manage your lab with the least effort
Reach out to other labs
Seek for lab opportunities and collaborations
Follow labs you like and stay connected
How to market your lab

Create a portfolio page for your lab

Provide a searchable page

Supply audiences with comprehensive lab information that they are looking for to promote your lab and start a connection.

Present your lab research and projects

Demonstrate your lab research and projects can help researchers and potential partners learn more about work.

Share lab information and news

Introducing lab information, including news, activities, recent focuses, and members is a good way to let researchers know more about your lab.

Post updates and thoughts

Provide updates and thoughts on new research to the lab community and expand your audience.