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Impactio is America's leading platform in academic impact analytics and scientific networking. Here we provide scientists and PhDs with free tools for professional networking, academic CV profiling, and automatic research impact analytics. Engage with this worldwide community now and stay connected with talented researchers.

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What We Provide

Impactio offers the most inclusive academic profiles for researchers and scientists. We automatically collected publications and citations information and expressed these data in a visualized citation map which demonstrate a researcher’s worldwide impact. Engage with researcher community and grow your professional network!




About Impactio

Demonstrate your academic achievements to the community

Customize your own academic profile with various research experience, including publications, conference presentations prizes, membership, media reports, paper reviewing experience, patents or projects. Simply take Impactio profile as your professional business card with QRcode.

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About Impactio

Present your worldwide academic impact and view the marked institute information in Global Citation Distribution Map (GCDM)

Visualize citation data and gain a deeper insight into your publications with citation map. Present your academic impact toward worldwide areas and view the marked institute information in Global Citation Distribution Map (GCDM)

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About Impactio

Automatically collect your publications and citations

It's no longer needed for researchers to manually manage publications and citations. Impactio will do that for you automatically.

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About Impactio

Visualize your active academic works

Get a better understanding of your academic work with active rate by year in Citation Distribution bar chart. Based on your citation data, Impactio measures your yearly academic activity to exhibit your active research works and involvements.

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About Impactio

Identify your academic impact in active fields

View your academic credits analytics by fields to determine how impactful your research works are in certain fields. Share your research interests and involvements to the community.

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Simply generate your in-depth academic resume with one click

A perfect resume with relevant academic works can help you land a job. Imagine how a resume with more detailed academic data and visualized works you’ve done will support your job search! In addition to the information on conventional resumes, Impactio’s academic CV profiling service prepares thorough materials for researchers and scientists to better present their talents, including customized academic impact analytics, citation maps, and impact rankings of active research fields.

Impactio’s academic CV profiling is not only limited to opening up various chances for job search or expanding research impacts, it enables elites seeking for opportunities for international visa or immigration applications to display their quantified research credits as well.

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What we offer for corporations

Search perfect candidates in required research fields

Recruiting qualified employees for your corporation is not challenging and time-consuming anymore. Find the best fit researchers for corresponding positions with our worldwide academic networking and professional profiling platform. Here you can review the most comprehensive academic profiles and reach out the relevant candidates in a single platform.

Value candidates with independent impact analytics

Not confident of valuing the candidates with numerous publications? In our platform, we integrated third-party sources and quantify research credits based on our cutting-edge technology to provide every researcher with independent impact analytics. With these non-biased analytics reports, you can discover outstanding and impactful candidates in a smarter manner.

Sort out all potential candidates with advanced features

Going through hundreds of resumes for an occupation is ineffective and tedious. Now, we got a solution for you. In addition to degree and years of experience, Impactio allows you to sort out all candidates with influential features, such as research fields, projects, publication, citation numbers and academic active year, to find desirable candidates as productively as possible.