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Getting to Know Some Researchers Who are Shaping and Reshaping the Face of AI

The Digital Era has taken us into a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is a normal part of our daily lives. There isn’t too much anymore that we run into that surprises us, and the comforts that AI brings us are even taken for granted in many places.

AI is taking over industries everywhere on levels that were unimagined even a decade ago by most of the general population. Researchers are continually finding new research ideas to experiment with in order to find more effective ways to use artificial intelligence. Some of these researchers have been so successful that their names are synonymous with AI and their ideas have shaped and reshaped our world.

What is AI?

It’s easy for us to recognize when something is obviously using artificial intelligence to complete its function, like drones and robots. But this science goes beyond the obvious. Any time a machine-based object uses intelligence to do a task, it’s not a natural human or animal behavior, and therefore it is artificial.

The idea is the predominant factor behind the field of computer science. This branch of academics focuses on building smart machines that can do the same tasks, or more of them, as a human intelligence would normally complete. It’s interdisciplinary, since it can be applied to any subject. Machine learning advancements and deep learning skills are creating changes that are shifting the way almost every industry operates.

How A.I. Is Changing Our World Today and in the Future

Researchers who explore the science of artificial intelligence do so with the goal of replicating or simulating the way the human mind works and taking those processes into machines. There isn’t one particular aim or definition, so it’s hard to put an exact answer into the explanation.

AI has already changed the world and is predicted to continue to do so in the future. Some of these waves are in areas such as:

●      Digital education, as the virtual school becomes more commonplace and machine learning is used to educate students in place of or in conjunction with an educator

●      Workforce changes as artificial intelligence is used to train employees, onboard new hires, and take over repetitive tasks

●      Create outcomes based on algorithms to guide businesses into future economic decisions by predicting the success or failure rates of products and services

●      Limit malicious behavior by other artificial intelligence cyberthreats and increasing cybersecurity systems

Without any of these methods in place, our daily lives would look a lot different than they do today.

Researchers Who Are A.I. Experts

Some scholars have made their names known in the world of artificial intelligence. These AI experts have used their knowledge and imaginations to shape different fields in incredible, life-changing ways, like:

●      Cynthia Breazeal, the scientist who moved robots out of the machine-only world and into that of those that interact like humans. By giving robots a personality, Breazeal has shifted the way they are used and seen. Her first robot was even funded by NASA as a machine intended to be used as an autonomous explorer of other planets.

●      Chen Hao, a scholar who played a crucial role in automating a lot of the repetitive processes behind medical imaging in order to find and diagnose potential problem areas faster than a busy doctor could do on their own.

●      Timnit Gebru, a researcher whose work on algorithms recognized that even though they are machine-learning based, they can still have biases, particularly in areas like computer vision. With Gebru’s work, those in the minority and underrepresented populations are less likely to be overlooked when a researcher is searching for data.

●      Dacheng Tao, a scholar known as a machine visionary due to his work on computer vision that helps autonomous cars recognize obstacles in advance long enough to avoid them.

As artificial intelligence research continues to grow, more and more experts step in to shape and reshape the world as we know it. Now, quantum data is the next playing field, and some of these innovators are likely to be the first players in line.

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Jason Collins
Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
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