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How Video Abstracts Can Be a Great Way to Network Outside of Your Field

We are living in a world today that is unlike anything we’ve ever gone through before. Something as simple as a handshake, part of the manners we grew up having instilled in our daily behaviors, can now be seen as a threat to others. Physical contact could be dangerous or even deadly, and this expansive global isolation has made it difficult for those in business to network.

Minimizing contact during a pandemic has had significant detrimental effects on networking for those who are unable to merge their strategies with this socially distant world. However, expanding your communication circle isn’t impossible if you use the technology currently accessible to you, like video abstracts. Amplify your professional and personal life during and beyond pandemics with these networking tips.

Why You Need to Think Outside Your Field

Sure, it’s smart to network in your field. Everyone does it. You never know who would be beneficial to your career goals, and those who have already successfully blazed a path where you’d like to end up are excellent mentors and people to have connections with. But thinking outside of your field can also have its advantages.

To start with, everyone from the janitor on up to the CEO is a person worthy of your time and connection-building. When you demonstrate this type of character - one in which every individual is a human being and therefore worthy of compassion and interest - the reputation you build reaches far beyond that immediate relationship.

In addition to a show of your character, networking outside your field also builds relationships with those who can refer their own friends, colleagues, and family to you to increase your business. Should you decide to change fields later down the road in your career, those who you have already established a network with can aid you in your new role. There is no job too low or too high that you shouldn’t consider building a network with someone in it.

Using Video Abstracting to Network

When you are in a career that requires you to build an audience and show your published findings to others, you’re probably used to attending and presenting at conferences. These have been canceled, delayed, or limited with social distancing measures in place, so you have to have another way to explain your work to your audience and build followers. One way to do this is to learn how to use video abstracting as part of your networking strategy.

In a video abstract, you sum up your accomplishments in videos that are less than five minutes long, typically three at a minimum. You’re explaining your work to the viewer in a way that encourages them to purchase or read it. You want to get their attention and keep it just long enough to entice them, not tell them about the entire experiment.

In the video, you explain the importance of the journal article or manuscript you wrote and let the viewer know why your findings are important to a specific society or group or the world in general. The abstract lets you illustrate the main concepts from your article, show the tools and equipment you used, and engage with your audience in a less formal way than you would at a conference.

Video abstracts are used as a strategy for marketing from publishers, but you can use them to introduce yourself when you’re networking. All you have to do is write your script, find software and equipment to record the video, and then share it with your social media followers or put it on your academic profile.

Use Impactio to Network In and Out of Your Field

When it comes to showing off your video abstract and gaining a wider following, you need the resources to boost your scholarly reputation. Impactio does this for you, bringing you the academic profiles of researchers and scientists and sharing them in its global network.

Watch your citation indicators grow as Impactio collects the metrics and visualizes them for you in a citation map that you can show off to demonstrate your scholarly reputation as an expert in your field, and build your professional network!

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Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
Jason Collins
Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
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