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Impactio Citation Manager: A game changer for citation management tool

How is your academic impact within your research fields? For years, people depended on citation count as the main metric to evaluate a researcher’s academic impact. However, determining a researcher’s influence is not as simple as it may seem. Citation count does not directly reflect the impact of a researcher. Neither do other existing citation-based metrics, such as h-index and impact factor (IF). These metrics can give a broad picture of research impact, but they are insufficient to truly measure a researcher’s influence. The challenge is how to leverage quantitative data to objectively evaluate the impact and significance of a researcher.

To address this, Impactio created a more comprehensive way to quantify a researcher’s impact and research quality better. In addition to integrating the widely used citation-based metrics, including impact factor (IF), SJR, Eigenfactor, and H5-index, Impactio also generates insightful quantified data for researchers to discover their influence on academic communities. For example, Impactio collects the number of papers from a specific field citing your publications to illustrate a researcher’s contributions in the area of study. By comparing it to other authors’ citation counts, the ranking percentile is also provided to further present a researcher’s citation ranking in a particular field.

Having adequate citation data is not good enough to highlight a researcher’s impact. To facilitate data interpretation, Impactio includes several graphs, including Citation Per Year Graphs, Academic Ranking Radial Plots, and Citing Institution Maps for researchers and scientists. Most importantly, all the information and graphs that fully reflect a researcher’s impact are on a single platform.

As a researcher or scientist, you might find it tedious to manage your citations from different platforms when collecting your information to display your academic credits. In the past, there was no tool to thoroughly quantify the academic impact and reveal your influence in the academic community, let alone manage your valuable citations. Now, on Impactio, getting your comprehensive citation analytics and managing your citations on a single platform is possible! Impactio provides multiple tools for citation management to enable researchers to manage their citation information with as little effort as possible.

What is a citation manager/ citation management tool?

A citation manager or citation management tool commonly refers to a tool that helps you organize references. Here, on Impactio, a citation manager or citation management tool is an automatic service that collects and analyzes a researcher’s s citation data. Impactio provides a user-friendly interface for researchers to better manage and review their citation information. With citation management tools, Impactio keeps your citation data current without any follow-up action after you provide the Google Profile Link.

Free citation management tools are available on Impactio!

So, how is your academic impact within your research fields? With powerful citation management tools on Impactio, you can figure it out! “How do I manage my citations?” you might ask. The answer is that you don’t. Impactio takes care of everything! We keep your publication and citation information updated. Furthermore, once we find a new citation for any of your publications, we will send you a notification. On Impactio, you can review all of your publications and each of its citations.

Also, Impactio displays your academic impact report by including total citations, citations in the past 5 years and 3 years, and using citation-per-year data to generate a citation distribution bar chart. With all the publication and citation information, researchers can demonstrate their yearly academic activity and exhibit their active research projects and other involvement.

Simply sign up as a member, fill out the required information, and provide your Google Scholar Profile Link. Then you are all set! Impactio will automatically collect your publication and citation data and express the information in a visualized citing institution map that clearly illustrates your worldwide impact. Later on, follow the steps to edit your profile and make your profile more professional. Additionally, Impatio exhibits your academic credits analytics by field in a radial plot that lets you discover the influence of your research contributions in different areas.

How to interpret Impact Analytics information on Impactio.

Publication and citation analytic data are divided into two sections: Impact Analytics and Publications. We can analyze a researcher’s impact by using these factors. First, in the Impact Analytics section, Impactio includes citations data, Citation Per Year Graphs, Academic Ranking Radial Plots, Academic Rankings, Citing Institution Maps, Citing Institution Rankings, and the Metrics and Ranks of journals where you publish articles. The Publications block provides Publication Data, Metrics, and Journal Rankings. How do we explain this helpful data? Let’s talk about each information in some detail.


In the Citation block, a researcher can review citation counts in total and the past 5 years or 3 years. Impactio also lists citation counts in each field of study to broadly demonstrate a researcher’s impact in certain areas.

Citation Per Year Graph

The Citation Per Year Graph illustrates a researcher’s citations by year to clearly display a research’s research activity over the last 15 years.

Academic Ranking Radial Plot

The Academic Ranking Radial Plot reveals which scientific fields a researcher excels in. Impactio offers 19 areas of study that cited your publications by default. Researchers are allowed to choose up to 5 fields from the top 19 areas provided by Impactio to exhibit preferred research areas.

Academic Ranking

In the Academic Ranking block, researchers and scientists can acquire more detailed information about each field that cited your publications. This list includes field of study, citation counts in a specific field and percentile which represents the ranking of a research in a field by citation counts.

Citing Institution Map

The Citing Institution map is a powerful graphical representation that demonstrates your worldwide academic influence. The map marks the worldwide citing institution locations that cite your publications. You can view all of the citing institutions or citations you received by country on the map. Moreover, when clicking the location icon, you can see more information about a citing institution, including the ranking of an institution and its other citations.

Citing Institution Ranking

In the Citing Institution Ranking block, Impactio lists total citations that research received by each country. Additionally, the ranking and citation information of each citing institution are included to enable researchers to better justify a research quality and a researcher’s prestige.

Metrics and ranks of journals which cited my publications

Have you found it difficult to review all citation-based metrics from several sources? Impactio has it all on a single platform! Impactio gathers widely used metrics, including Eigenfactor, H5-index, SJR, and Impact Factors of each journal which cited your publications.


Impactio sorts all of your publications and classifies them as journals, conferences, books, and others. Likewise, Impactio lists the number of publications in each research area. Researchers can view each publication’s information, including authors, published journals, DOIs, abstracts, and Citation Per Year graphs for the publication. Furthermore, Impactio calculates the independent and total citation count of each publication. Independent Citation, which only counts citations outside your research group, is valuable information to elaborate your research impact objectively.

Metrics and ranks of journals where I published articles

In this block, researchers can view metrics and ranks of journals where they publish articles. The table includes journal name, four metrics, ranks, and total papers in the journal or category.


Get your valuable impact analytics data on Impactio now.

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Impactio is America's leading platform of academic impact analytics and reputation management designed for scientists and researchers. Impactio catalyzes global scientific and technological advancement by developing various innovative cloud-based software and services to make scientific communication more effective, ultimately helping scientists and researchers be more productive and successful.
Impactio Team
Impactio is America's leading platform of academic impact analytics and reputation management designed for scientists and researchers. Impactio catalyzes global scientific and technological advancement by developing various innovative cloud-based software and services to make scientific communication more effective, ultimately helping scientists and researchers be more productive and successful.
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