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The Benefit of Routine in Academic Writing and Planning
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The importance of accuracy and thoroughness in academic writing can’t be understated. One typo or wrongly used word can destroy years’ worth of experiments and analysis, and it has happened in the past to rushed or harried researchers. No matter how much of an expert you are, you are still human and therefore prone to making mistakes when you’re distracted, tired, or otherwise off your best game.

The best way to ensure mistakes don’t happen is to create a place and time where there are no distractions and no need to rush. These safe, quiet spaces are where researchers go to plan their work and draft their publications.

Benefits of Routines

Most of us have routines in our lives, even if we don’t recognize them as such. Going to bed around the same time, getting up on a schedule, going to classes or a job, and attempting to schedule in a social life and daily meals are all routines. These regularly broken up chunks of time help us to remember the main aspects of our day, but as a scholar, one of those important facets of time should be dedicated to your planning and writing.

There is a lot of work involved in academic writing. Whether it’s part of your class or the final product of your research, compiling a final submission isn’t something you should ever put off till the last minute. When you do, mistakes will happen because you’re rushed, stressed, and falling victim to the errors that come with procrastinating. Worse, you might find that you don’t have that quiet environment to work in because you waited too long and are stuck with distractions you can’t avoid.

Instead of landing yourself in this can of worms, it’s a smart idea to set up routines in which you specifically work on your academic writing areas. Whether it’s planning, drafting, composing, working with a tutor, editing, or writing a final draft, when you have a set block of time throughout the week dedicated to your academic writing, you won’t procrastinate and you’ll always be moving forward.

Suggestions on Creating a Writing Routine

Contrary to the suggestions of well-meaning advice-givers, you don’t need a lot of time in the day to dedicate to your writing routine. Yes, some days you’ll be in a flow and you’ll wish you had allotted more of your schedule to work on your project, but for the most part, 45 minutes to an hour at a time is sufficient.

As you work towards developing a writing routine that works for you, keep these tips in mind:

●      Try to work by yourself rather than in a study group where you’ll be tempted to talk instead of think.

●      You don’t have to set your routine for the same time each day, but it does help you to keep the structure going.

●      Choose a quiet environment where you won’t be rushed. A library is a better option than a bustling coffee shop, for instance. Your office is a good place, as long as it’s not in your room where your personal life can intrude and distract you.

●      Turn off your phone and let your friends and family know that this time in your schedule is for emergency-only communications. Don’t hide where you’ll be, but make it clear that you won’t appreciate or encourage visits or non-emergency calls.

●      Have all the materials you’ll need for your work on hand. Keep your laptop, charger, pen and pencil, notebook, and research materials in a consistent place that you can easily transport.

●      If you don’t have a specific part of your project that you’re working on right then, look ahead to see what’s coming up. Use this time to get a jumpstart on what will need to be done. Don’t let “no urgent deadlines” convince you that you don’t need to be working on your writing. There is always something you can be doing when you’re a scholar.

With these tips, and your own willpower in keeping to your routine and schedule, you’ll master academic writing and planning quickly. Once you learn the benefits of a routine with writing, it will likely be a habit you keep with you beyond your academic years.

Impactio is an Academic Writer’s Favorite Tool

Planning and consistency with your routine are important aspects of becoming an expert academic writer, but so are the tools you use to compile your research work. When you choose Impactio as your tool of choice, you have all you need to take you from start to finish in one comprehensive program.

Impactio is an all-in-one platform designed specifically for scholars. It gives you a template to build your professional resumes and a way to track your paper’s impact after publication through citation indicators. Once you’re ready, you can create an academic profile and collaborate with other experts in the Impactio network to continue to expand your knowledge and make an impact on the world.

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Jason Collins
Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
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