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Things to Consider Before Enrolling in Any PhD Program

An ever-expanding global industry of competition has led to an increasing need for people to continue onto higher education to stay relevant in their career field. Where once a bachelor’s degree was sufficient, now a Master’s or PhD is necessary to complete with other applicants for a coveted job.

For those who were considering a Master’s, the majority decide to jump ahead and aim for their PhD now because of the significant benefits that come with it. With this designation behind your name, you typically earn much more than other lower-grad degrees. However, although the advantages are enticing, a lot goes into getting a PhD that must be considered before a student takes the life-changing step and enrolls in a PhD program.

What is a PhD?

The term “PhD” is a familiar one to almost everyone, but what it means is not quite as understood. Short for “Doctor of Philosophy,” a PhD is the highest university degree that a person can get. It’s conferred to a graduate after they have completed a course of study in an accredited university, and although it says “philosophy,” it applies to all academic fields. Obtaining a PhD means you have gained the wisdom, or “philosophical thinking” to go forth and share that knowledge with others on the subject in which you’ve studied and graduated.

To reach the level of education in which a PhD is given, a student has to spend years researching, studying, and writing on a thesis in the given subject area. It has to be a completely original contribution to the academic field, showing that the graduate is able to generate new knowledge and ideas that they will then be able to share with others.

Why a PhD is In Demand More Than Ever

Those considering the PhD path are faced with obstacles like time and money concerns, but in the long run, obtaining a PhD is seen as a strategic method to reach a goal of overall job and life satisfaction. With a PhD, job candidates are placed before the rest of the applicants as those looking to hire someone with experience understand the benefits of having workers with this degree.

The career path is full of global competition now. As more people seek to obtain the skills to get ahead in their field or to increase their own personal satisfaction with life, they head towards a PhD to solve their problem. More schooling behind you means that you’ll be able to apply for jobs that pay better. You’ll be in greater demand, and you’ll have a career that challenges you in a field that you specialize in!

Things to Consider Before You Choose a Program

If your goal has always been to obtain your PhD and you know it will satisfy your life’s quest, go for it! Otherwise, if you are only considering this extensive education in order to further your career, think about these facts before you enroll in a program:

●      Not every career requires a PhD. In fact, many are practice-based, like technology, and you can learn the skills you need on the job. Having a PhD behind your name might not benefit you financially or put you ahead of someone else who has more experience in those fields.

●      Don’t sign up for a program until you have researched their reputation in the field you’re interested in. Check out the faculty who will be teaching you, the reviews from past and present students, and the profiles and publishings from them to see the level of education they demonstrate.

●      Consider your PhD topic carefully. You have almost blanket freedom of choice, but will the topic you choose, although it interests you, make you employable? There’s a lot to be said for aiming for an interdisciplinary topic. A broad subject will net you more career choices than a niche one would.

●      Will your return on your education investment be worth it? Check the stats and salaries for the area you plan on working in. Do they pay more for those with a PhD, and how long will you need to work there at that salary before your PhD pays for itself?

With these considerations clarified, you can move forward with the exciting step of working towards your PhD.

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Jason Collins
Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
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