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Using Manuscript Preparation Services to Bolster Scholastic Efficiency
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Academic publishing of research has a history mired in tradition. Scholastic journals only published the best of the articles in their scope and were available in limited quantities, making them highly in demand around the world. Today, though, digital publication opportunities make it easier for scholars to get their work in print, even through electronic mediums.

The Digital Era makes the actual publication process more accessible to academics and their audience. Preparing the manuscript for publication, on the other hand, is a more complex issue.

Because of the need to get the work optimized for impact factors that drive a scholar’s reputation, many academics turn to manuscript preparation services to bolster the scholastic efficiency of their work. This lets them concentrate on the research itself rather than the tricks of formatting, peer-review, and other prep requirements.

Digital Era Optimization Complexities

So much of a scholar’s reputation today is based on the collection and compilation of metadata that determines whether their released work made an impact or not on the intended audience.

Researchers can spend a lot of time focusing on optimizing their finished products for the aspects of preparation that help increase the big data and ability for users to find their work, or they can allocate that time to bettering their research and continuing to move forward by handing the optimization off to a manuscript prep company.

The optimization complexities that have arisen with the Digital Era are constantly evolving. If it’s not your sole aim to stay up-to-date with the expectations of the formulas and algorithms that increase your likelihood of creating a higher impact through programs like Google Scholar, you can spend countless hours attempting to optimize your paper, only to have the work you painstakingly created become obsolete with its publication.

The Benefits of Bolstering Scholastic Efficiency With Optimization

Scholars are often given the advice that in order to promote their work and make the maximum impact possible, it needs to be optimized for search engines prior to publication.

It may seem like adjusting your work for things like search engine optimization (SEO) is tedious and disconnected from actually making an impact, but these little tweaks make it easier for users to find your publication amidst hundreds or thousands of others on the same topic.

Boosting your SEO helps make your paper show up earlier in the search results of whichever engine the user is querying from. When your work is higher on the returned results, it’s more likely to be clicked on and read by a user. They trust that the higher the rating, the more relevant the work. The more readers you have, the more visible your work is and the more chances you have at a higher citation indicator.

To bolster your scholastic efficiency, learn a few simple tips before you submit your work to a manuscript preparer. These SEO tricks are easy to master and don’t take a lot of time:

●      Make sure your title and abstract contain keywords

●      Add keywords in captions with your images and data charts

●      Use titles and subheadings when you format your article

●      Link to external resources you used

Once you use these optimization tricks a few times, they’ll become as natural as citing your references.

What a Manuscript Preparation Service Offers Scholars

Your work is meant to serve a purpose and create a solution, but the time you spend getting it published is taking away from other, more important tasks. Manuscript preparation services do the tedious jobs for you by:

●      Finding you a journal that publishes work in your scope and checks for compliance issues between your funder and the journal

●      Using author guidelines and ethics requirements to prepare your article according to the journal’s expectations

●      Reviewing your work for editing purposes

●      Registering your work for your credit

●      Submitting your work to the journal

●      Guiding you through the peer review process

●      Obtaining your licensing and copyright protocols

●      Tracking your article as it goes through the publication process

●      Promoting your work for you

The hardest part of the research process for many scholars is not the work itself. It’s getting it published, and the manuscript preparation services take the problem out of your hands.

Combining Manuscript Prep with Impactio

Manuscript prep takes your finished work and sends it out for publication, but you still have to put your thoughts together and optimize them. For this part of the research process, many experts turn to Impactio to get the job done.

Impactio is an all-in-one platform designed for scholars to help them easily put together their research. Impactio lets you seamlessly take your text and drop it into premade sections using headers and subheaders for instant optimization. Graphs, charts, and tables are made from your data without a hassle, letting you focus on the keywords you want to use to make them stand out.

Before you submit your work to a manuscript prep company for service, use Impactio to put it together and optimize your paper for the ultimate impact.

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Jason Collins
Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
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