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Valuable Steps to Promote Knowledge Retention Among Student Learners

The question of who is responsible for knowledge retention in school comes with fluctuating answers. In elementary schools, a lot of this pressure is applied to the teachers, with the administrators, and the school in general, receiving accolades or criticism based on the performance of the students. In many cases, the funding of a school is based on the student outcomes, making teachers feel even more pressured to perform, but with so many variables in an individual learner’s life, this is often out of their control once they’ve poured their best into the classroom instruction.

In higher education, the switch to knowledge retention is placed in the laps of the students rather than the instructor. However, this extreme perspective is unbalanced, as well. Instead, the duty of ensuring learning occurs should fall equally between the instructor passing on the knowledge and the student receiving it. As a teacher of higher knowledge, there are some valuable steps you can incorporate to promote the retention of your content and instill the love of learning into your students.

How ELearning Has Shifted Sharing Knowledge

Today’s classroom probably looks a lot different than it did just a few years ago. Now, e-learning is the predominant method of instruction around the world, and although the new “normal” is settling down, virtual education is likely not going away.

Sharing your knowledge with your students is no longer as simple as sitting down face-to-face in a small group or one-on-one meeting to ensure they understood a concept. With a screen and long distance between you and your students, you have to come up with new, innovative ideas to get your concept across to them, knowing that the odds of them actually listening to your lecture and not Googling an answer are slim. As the instructor, the onus turns to you to create engaging content that helps the student retain the knowledge, but the responsibility of actively participating in the lesson and absorbing the content falls squarely in the lap of the learner in ways never seen before in the education system.

Tips for Online and In-Person Promotion of Knowledge Retention

Regardless of the style of learning you’re tasked with instructing, there are some simple, yet very valuable, steps you can take to promote knowledge retention and the interest in participating actively with your students. Use these tips to make the best of every day that you are in front of your learners:

●      Your first impression matters every day. Yes, the very first impression sets the tone for how many students will perceive you, but the fact is that every time you step foot (or screen) in front of your classroom, they’re judging your appearance, attitude, and persona. Are you engaging them and fully present? Or are you still tired from a late night, distracted by personal issues, or otherwise not totally vested in the lesson? They will see, notice, and respond accordingly.

●      Monitor your students’ progress frequently. Any time a student does exceedingly well or is falling below their normal or a low average, check in with them. Compliment good grades and express concern and your willingness to help with students who are struggling.

●      Connect with them on their level. University-approved social media platforms are a great way to show you’re a real person to your students. Many of them will be more willing to put a focus on your lessons when they can connect with you as someone who is more than just another adult telling them what to do. Texting through free messaging services instead of your personal phone number is the most effective way of reaching students today. Your learners will be more apt to ask for help if they can text it to you quickly.

●      Provide meaningful feedback that helps your students improve their work. Compliment them on things they should continue doing and offer suggestions or tips, and even resources they can use, to correct things that need fixing.

●      Encourage your students by being a good role model and motivating and inspiring them. If you know a person has a specific goal or dream, ask them about their progress. Share motivational quotes and email your class to give them an occasional reminder that they matter.

When students feel that they are important and more to you than just another grade or assignment, they are more likely to devote attention to learning your material and retaining it, whether it’s an online or in-person lesson.

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Jason Collins
Jason is a writer for many niche brands with experience “bringing stories to life” for both startups and corporate partners.
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