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Press Releases April 14, 2020
Innovative Impact Analytics Allows Researchers to View Their Global Impact at a Single Glance - Latest Digital Edge From Impactio to Help Ph.D.s, Scientists, and Established Engineers

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Impactio ( recently unveiled its unique platform ability that helps researchers and established engineers catalog all of their personal academic contributions, allowing them to digitally visualize how and where each of those contributions are used in research pursuits across the globe. Impactio provides easy-to-use tools that generate these powerful analytics reports whenever needed, enabling researchers to share their research impact with potential employers, research institutions, universities, grant review boards, collaborators and colleagues. Impactio is America's leading platform of academic impact analytics and reputation management designed for Ph.D.s, scientists and established engineers. Go online to learn more about the specific analytic tool HERE.

"Impactio is a comprehensive, full-service academic impact analytics and reputation platform developed for 21st century Ph.D. professionals," said Lawrence Shay, CEO and co-founder of Impactio. "These sorts of academic impact reports are crucial for researchers and scientists. Such reports are persuasive ways to illustrate just how important a researcher's contributions are within any given field, and this information can be the difference between being hired or not, getting funding for the next project, or qualifying for advancement and awards. Normally, it's a long and tedious task to single-handedly identify and collate the information needed for these reports. But Impactio has made it easy."

Impactio: Persuasive Itemized Global Citation Distribution Map (GCDM)

  • Citations: Each citation block reveals researcher citation counts in total, or for the past 3–5 years.
  • Specific Areas: Each citation is listed and sorted within each field of study, broadly displaying a researcher's impact in specific areas.
  • Clear Bar Graphs: Citations are illustrated by year in a clear bar graph, allowing research impact to be viewed over the past 15 years.
  • Academic Ranking: Use the Radial Plot to see where each scientific field researcher excels, or to acquire more detailed information about cited researchers' publications and those publication types (journals, magazines, papers and abstracts, news stories, etc.).
  • Global Citation Distribution Map (GCDM): Citations are further illustrated upon a global map, disclosing both location and identification of each citing institution. Those institutions are ranked by prestige and importance, allowing researchers to better justify research quality and importance.
  • Organize Citations: Leverage Impactio's in-built Citation Manager to organize all global research citations.

Impactio's Citation Manager: An Invaluable Time-Saving Tool

One of the foundational cornerstones of the Impactio platform is the in-built Citation Manager: a convenient, comprehensive and modern way to quantify the entire body of a researcher's impact and research. All relevant citation and publication information from each user is collated, ranked and made available on a single convenient digital platform for the first time.

The Citation Manager includes a variety of useful presentation tools like:

  • Citations Per Year: Display research activity over the last 15 years.
  • Academic Radial Plots: Choose five fields from 19 areas of study to show fields of expertise.
  • Academic Ranking: Acquire more detailed information about publications and their field of study.
  • Global Citation Distribution Map (GCDM): A graphical demonstration of each researcher's global academic influence.
  • Citing Institution Ranking: Total citations sorted by country and institution ranking
  • Publications Sorted With Metrics/Rankings: All clearly sorted by publication type (journals, conferences, books, et al) and ranking; a wide variety of citation-based metrics gathered, including industry standards like Eigenfactor, H5-index, and SJR.

Impactio is signing on new members now. To learn more about Impactio's Citation Manager, please visit HERE.

About Impactio, Inc.

Founded in 2018, Impactio is America's leading platform of academic impact analytics and reputation management designed for Ph.D.s, scientists and researchers. Impactio catalyzes global scientific and technological advancement by developing various innovative cloud-based software and services to make scientific communication more effective, ultimately helping scientists and researchers be more productive and successful. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Impactio is made with love and passion for technology by alumni from the EECS Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
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