The Iraqi Journal of
Veterinary Medicine
academic journal at College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad
Baghdad - Iraq
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The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Iraqi J. Vet. Med.), established in 1977 and published by the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Baghdad, stands as the pioneering scientific veterinary journal in Iraq. With a mission to advance the veterinary profession, the journal began as an annual print publication until 2004, transitioning in 2005 to a biannual schedule, releasing one volume with two issues per year (June and December). These editions feature a rich diversity of contributions, including original research papers, review articles, and case reports from various veterinary specialties.

In 1985, the journal was officially registered with the National Library of Baghdad under registration number 322. In 2005, The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine adopted the principles of open access, committing to provide immediate, permanent, and free access to its research content. Although a dedicated online platform was not available at that time, the journal pursued various methods to distribute its content freely. It achieved this by mailing free print copies to veterinary colleges both within Iraq and internationally, fulfilling direct requests from researchers globally at no cost, and distributing free print copies at veterinary conferences, workshops, and seminars, thereby fostering a wide academic exchange.

The journal continued with print publications exclusively until 2012. In 2013, The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine launched its electronic online version, distributed across different platforms to expand accessibility and impact. In 2015, the journal received both P-ISSN 1609-5693 and E-ISSN 2410-7409, officially marking its international open-access status. Since 2019, the journal has advanced to online management via Open Journal System (OJS), enhancing the efficiency of its submission, peer review, and publication processes.

Adhering to a policy of language inclusivity until 2015, the journal accepted submissions in both Arabic and English. However, it now requires articles to be submitted in English, with the provision for Arabic abstracts for Arabic-speaking authors. Reflecting its dedication to open science and the free exchange of information, all papers are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4) license, upholding the authors' copyright while ensuring the content remains freely accessible worldwide. As of December 2023, the journal proudly released the publication of 47 volumes and 68 issues, including 582 articles in Arabic and 462 in English.

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